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Business accommodation support

We help you find and set up the accommodation you need to get your agency business off the ground.

Your Office space

Whether you are deciding to operate from your home or need suitable office space we’ll help you get that right for your business

We offer great advice and support to help you get suitable accommodation,  from affordable shared office space to self contained offices that will help your business thrive day one.

We offer you continued support services to help you start or grow your business. We truly want your business to be a success and we will do whatever is necessary to help you become the next big thing!

We offer this  services for free with our agency start up kit packages.

Office set up advice

Finding a suitable and appropriate space for your business is not always straight forward. We provide advice and information on finding and setting up an ideal home for your business.

Flexible office space

Whether you have decided to start by working from home, get a virtual office or rent a small office, we can help you get around get set in smoothly.

IT and equipment

You should not worry if you are not sure what equipment you need to run your agency business efficiently, we’ll step in and guide you through this process.


Getting started

We have great start-up packages to give a firm ground for your business