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Get your business compliant

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Growing a Care Business

Ensuring that your business practices are in order makes good commercial sense as it helps build confidence with your clients and candidates, and most importantly, the bottom line of your business.

Agency Workers Regulations

To manage compliance, you should be able to ensure that all temporary workers undergo proper checks and a formidable recruitment process, continuous appraisal as well as evaluation for skills, employment eligibility, professional body regulations.

Equal Opportunities

Being an Equal Opportunities recruiter may be part of your brand proposition to candidates and employers or may well form a part of your corporate social responsibility strategy. Through carefully planned data management system you are able to monitor your Equal Opportunities performance through comprehensive reports.

Eligibility to Work

Simplify the process of checking eligibility to work with standard and customised fields for marking a candidate’s compliance and digitally store documents for easy reference. Set automated reminders to check documents every 12 months and store safely for 2 years to meet legal requirements.

Data Protection

You may think of data protection as an issue for marketing, but as a business storing personal data there are requirements that you and your team must meet. We can help you manage your data so you can relax knowing that it is securely hosted and your candidate portal is easily accessible for candidates to manage their profile and keep their information accurate and up to date.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Even if you’ve got a grip on new legislation and what it means for you, how quickly and easily can you check how compliant you are? We can advise on great reporting tools that will ease the pain of managing compliance from Agency Workers Regulations, Equal Opportunities, Eligibility to Work and Data Protection.

Growing a Care Business

Make Use of Technology

Technology should proactively facilitate the compliance process and not hinder it. Your software should handle future legislative changes to ensure you remain compliant. This is something that we at Care Agency Media can help you set up: great systems to supplement the way recruiters work.

Get Accredited

A formal third party accreditation will demonstrate, and give your candidates and clients, confidence, assuring that you are a quality and fully compliant recruitment business. This is a great way to differentiate your agency from your competitors. We can help your company meet a universal set of ethical standards and gain accreditation from the relevant organisations.


Getting Started

We have great start-up packages that give a firm ground for your business.