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Starting up a staffing agency

What you need to set up a successful health care staffing care

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Requirements and Advice

Some basic requirements apply to starting a home care business similar to that of most other businesses including the following:

1. Set up Business Entity

Set up the business entity that will best fit your needs. (Sole proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, S Corporation, C Corporation) Consult with an attorney and or CPA or research online on your state government website (www.state.(your state initials).us about appropriate business structure, info regarding payroll, sales tax, workers compensation and business liability insurance.

2. Obtain Employer ID Number

Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS (IRS form SS-4)similar to your personal social security number to identify your business with regards to tax liability

3. Register with Secretary of State

Register your business with Secretary of State in your state. Decide on a business name and check availability in your state including consideration for domain name for website. When approved have letterhead, business cards, brochures printed.

4. Check on license requirements

Check on requirements for city or county business license and apply as needed

5. Prepare your finances

Establish a business checking account and credit card account and apply for business loans if required to meet start-up costs. Set up a computerized accounting system.

6. Write or buy a Policy and Procedures Manual

Write or purchase a policy and procedures manual to address new client admissions, plan of care, scheduling, employee and payroll records, orientation, in-service training, client billing.

7. Find and hire caregivers

Find and hire the best caregivers available as the reputation of your business weighs heavily upon the quality of care delivered. Spend time interviewing prospects and checking references to find most competent, compassionate and resourceful caregivers.

Post employment ads on relevant job internet sites, at local community colleges with CNA and nursing programs and local newspapers.

8. Connect with referral sources

Determine best sources for referrals in your area such as connecting with long-term care facilities and hospital discharge social workers. Contact local physicians, senior centers and rehab outpatient centers to reach prospective clients.

9. Build a website

Hire a website designer to create a professional website with content directed towards internet savvy adult children of seniors who are responsible for securing home care services. Post your agencylisting on established elder care websites with strong internet presence for greatest exposure.

10. Find an office space

Find a location where care is affordable to population and without excessive competition. Save your money on costly high traffic commercial office space and instead find a cheaper accessible location for your employees.

11. Be creative with scheduling

Be creative with scheduling to manage ever changing balance of employees with client needs. Turning away clients is harmful for future referrals but at same time risking poor care due to lack of staff is equally damaging to a company’s reputation.

12. Attitude is everything!

Be resourceful in managing day to day operations. Be thoughtful and respectful to your employees. Be understanding and accomodating to your clients needs. Reflect upon reasons you started your own business in the beginning and when times are tough and take time to savor the small accomplishments along the way.

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