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The benefits of starting a healthcare agency business.

Congratulations for thinking of starting a healthcare agency business, without a doubt it is the first step towards bigs returns and financial freedom. Below are some of the benefits of starting a healthcare agency business.

Less barriers

Due to less barriers to entry in the private healthcare, it has become very attractive to many start up businesses who have managed to succeed in this lucrative market.

Private healthcare

The ever-growing elderly population in the UK provides a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get into the health care sector, especially that of elderly care.

Information and support

Information and resources are now available to budding entrepreneurs giving them confidence and support to help them develop their businesses.


Why you should start a Care Agency Business.

You may be here because you know about, or heard of, someone who has made it running a care agency. We, therefore, do not have to convince you that a care agency has great potential, high success rate and that there is always a gap for you in this ever-growing market. Equipped with the right tools, resources and knowledge you can never fail. Over the years we have seen many of our clients achieve success beyond their dreams and you can do the same through our support in developing your business.


How to start a Care Agency Business.

Setting up and running your own health care agency can be either a straightforward or challenging exercise, depending on your aptitude, business and industry knowledge as well as the availability or access to resources. Knowledge and information includes: recruitment, administration, operations, technology, marketing, sales, management, accounting compliance and government regulations. At Care Agency Media we provide our clients with tools and the resources they need to start and run a successful care agency business


When to start a Care Agency Business

It’s never too late nor too early to fulfil your dreams; the right time is now. At Care Agency Media we provide all the care agency start-up tools, resources and the support you need to change your life through running your own care agency. At Care Agency Media we have a great track record helping people like you set up successful businesses.


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Care Agency Services.

As a care agency, you can provide either a single or a number of services depending on your capacity, capability, skills, accreditations and/or regulations.

Some of the services provided by healthcare agencies are ‘regulated activities’ i.e. personal care services, therefore, the organisations that provide these services are required by law to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Not all services provided by agencies are regulated, for example, health care staffing agencies are not regulated by the CQC, therefore, anyone can start a health care staffing agency without any limitations. Have a look at some information on three of popular services provided by start-up care agencies you can choose to offer.

Temporary Health Care Staffing Agency

Your company would recruit and supply staff to other established organisations (not individuals).

Domiciliary/Home Care Agency

Providing personal care and support within an individual’s (the elderly) own home.

Supported Living Services

Providing suitable or adapted accommodation within the community. Supported living homes may be shared by two or three people.


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